Hi – I’m Katie Ventresca 🙂 , founder, designer, maker, packer, wrapper, embroiderer and social media manager for Ventresca Made – my little handmade biz. I am so happy you’re here and want to first and foremost say a MASSIVE thank-you for showing an interest in what I do.

How did I get here?  It was all thanks to COVID – 19.

I was on the end of my second maternity leave with my daughter in 2020 and was worried about my job security, as I worked in events. Events which weren’t going ahead because of the global pandemic.

I started to put the cogs into motion but it wasn’t officially a REAL business and my sole work until November 2020 when I was made redundant from my job as an Event Director as predicted.

Do you know what though? I was happy and will be happy for as long as I can keep this business going, support my family and be able to spend my days making things.

I have been a maker, for as long as I can remember. Art was the only subject at school that I ever received A’s for and later I went on to study Fine Art Printmaking at Winchester School of Art.  Since graduating (too many years ago to mention) I have always missed being able to just be creative day in day out.

I pursued a career in events as it was something else I started doing at Uni and up until having children I loved my job but there was always something missing.

My first ‘Original’ Ventresca Made blanket was inspired by a large muslin blanket I bought my son back in 2017. It wasn’t handmade or have anything special about it but I just loved its simplicity and it ended up being the most practical, useful and LOVED blanket ever. He still uses it now, along with ones I’ve made him, at 4!

I also crochet and made my second ever quilt for my son Charlie when he was born in 2017 and he also seemed to receive a lot of handmade goodies when he was born from me, Nonna, Grandma and friends alike and then when poor Little Loredana was due to arrive in 2019 I had a bag full of fabric and wool that I’d bought with all these good intentions but nothing was made for her.

When she was born, this muslin blanket that I bought for my son was being used by both of them so I knew what I needed to make for my daughter and quick.

I wanted it to be more special though to hopefully make up for the lack of other handmade goodness so I was given an embroidery kit by a colleague (the events I was working on at the time were in arts & crafts) and I embroidered an L on a piece of muslin, and then created my first two tone blanket for my daughter in 2019. It was unique, original and lovely.

After that I had multiple comments about the blanket from local Mummy’s and friends and I started to wonder whether I’d finally found something that I could make to sell at a price point that was affordable.

I looked into muslin fabrics bought pink, blue and white and they stayed unused until COVID-19 happened, lockdown began and my mum asked me if I’d make my cousin’s new baby a blanket.  Then after a couple of posts on my local Mummy Whatsapp groups, I started making blankets and have stopped since.

Fast forward to October 2021 and my website is launching, I have 12 fabric colours, 4 different ranges of the basic blankets: Original, Liberty, Print & Twist. I now offer 5 different sizes as the enquiries for adult throws started too and I have stockings, pillowcases, cushion covers and beautiful Bunny Blankets with Liberty Fabric ears. I can offer endless variations in personalisation styles and colours and I am able to make truly special, unique & keepsake gifts.

Every blanket is made to order and totally bespoke to your specifications so you can choose everything down to the individual letter colours. Or if you’re not the creative type and would just rather add an item to your basked visit the PRE-DESIGNED page in SHOP. Feel free to add any changes in the notes section at the end of your order.

If you need inspiration take a look at my gallery of previously made blankets and let me know a scheme in the comments section of your order. I make each and every item to order and am always happy to hear from you if you want to discuss ideas first.

We’re an Engla-talian family and it’s the Italian side that has inspired most of my products names as you can probably tell and we’ve recently re-located to Italy but I’ll be sending orders back in batches so will be keeping the UK postage prices.

I’m excited, happy and feel very lucky to have this opportunity to make a go of my little business.

I have the support of family, friends and my local community and it’s thanks to all of them (and Covid!) that I am here and able to give this a go… wish me luck and thanks again for your support and custom!